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Fun Dog Shows and Classes

This is what it's all about! For all dogs and their families. From Best Rescue and Cutest Pup to Waggiest Tail and Bad Hair Day. Every dogs a winner at All About Dogs.

Arena Events

Let us entertain you, with a weekend packed with world class arena displays and demonstrations.

Have-A-Go Activities

The All About Dogs Show is about your dog having a great day out! Get them involved with a whole array of Have A Go activities. From Fastest Recall to Agility Courses.

The Village Green

With LIVE music, talks and fun games, the Village Green is a big part of the All About Dogs Show. Find out who's at this years show very soon...


Prepare for your dog to be spoilt rotten with a vast array of canine products and services on offer. From gadgets to treats, this is a dog shopping paradise.