Win an all expenses paid trip to California in fun dog show


TVs Caroline Quentin to attend All About Dogs this Bank Holiday Monday to host Britain's Ultimate Underdog

We are excited to announce that actress and presenter Caroline Quentin will be
attending the ‘All about Dogs Show’ this May Bank Holiday Monday. She is
undertaking a nationwide search for the UK’s most unique, one-of-a-kind, stand out
in a crowd dogs to compete in Britain’s Ultimate Underdog category on May 1st. This
will be filmed and broadcast on ITV1 later this year.

Caroline is holding her own competition ‘Britain’s Ultimate Underdog’ at the All About Dogs
Show and is inviting owners of unique dogs to enter and supporters to cheer from the sidelines.
She will be picking the winner of her competition on the day and two runners up with
the help of two fellow judges.

Frank Kane the prestigious Crufts Judge of ‘Best in Show’ will be there to help Caroline
decide on a winner alongside Bev Nicholson whose dog ‘Mugly’ shot to fame in 2012 when
he won the competition, World’s Ugliest Dog® Contest in California.

This programme is a fun loving, warm-hearted documentary about how the nation’s pet
owners love their animals no matter what they look like. Caroline is touring Britain to find the
most unique looking dogs in the nation. Whether they’re a scruffy rescue dog or a dog that
stands out in the crowd, we want to celebrate dogs that are all shapes and sizes. This show is
not mean-spirited or meaning to mock – it will be a very celebratory programme.

We think all dogs are beautiful and deserve to be loved and adored – not just the pretty

If Caroline and the judges pick you as a winner, you need to be ready and willing to jet out
to California [expenses paid] with the film crew and Caroline to take part in ‘World’s Ugliest
Dog® Contest’. The competition is 23rd June. The winner of World’s Ugliest Dog® Contest
gets $1500 and a trip to NYC courtesy of World’s Ugliest Dog®

The World’s Ugliest Dog® Contest has been running for the past 28 years and the majority of
dogs have been rescues. This competition has done a lot to raise awareness for rescue dogs,
and that no matter their physical appearance, these animals are loving companions.