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The All About Dogs Show Norfolk will be packed with live entertainment and demonstrations in our Main Arena.


11.00am: Lowestoft Agility Display Team
11.45am: Lucy Heath & the Trickstars
12.30pm: Scentwork Demonstration
1.15pm: Lowestoft Agility Display Team
2.00pm: Gundog Demonstration
2.45pm: Lucy Heath & the Trickstars
3.15pm: Saints Sled Dog Rescue
4.00pm: Best in Show
All information correct at time of publication. Aztec Events reserves the right to amend or change activities due to unforeseen circumstances without prior notice.

Lowestoft Agility Display Team

For an action packed dog display, don't miss the Lowestoft Agility Team at our Norfolk event this year. Join us in the Main Arena for a thrilling display led by these incredibily talented and intelligent dogs.

Lucy Heath & the Trickstars

Britain's Got Talent finalist Lucy Heath & The Trickstars will be bringing their exciting, fun and interactive displays to the Main Arena! Come and see Lucy and her entourage or talented dogs as they perform heelwork to music routines and show off their incredible tricks. There may even be a chance for the audience to take part too!

Saints Sled Dog Rescue

Witness the Saint Sled Dog Rescue team in action in this year's Main Arena. The non-profit charity is dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing unwanted Northern breeds around the UK and you'll be able to see some of their dogs during their informative display in the arena.

Scentwork Demonstration

Did you know that Inside your dog's nose, there are about 300 million smell receptors, compared to a human's six million? Join Kassie Woods in the Main Arena as she displays the four areas and progression of scentwork. This is set to be a great display to give us all ideas of how to enrich our dogs' lives through their noses.

Gundog Demonstration

Come and see Kassie Woods in the Main Arena for a fascinating Gundog demonstration. Witness everything from the beginning of fun gundog games for all breeds and ages, including basic obedience such as stays, recall and heelwork, to the progression of these, such as retrieving.

All About Dogs Best in Show 2024

Is your dog the Best of the Best? Winners from any of the classes throughout the weekend are welcome to participate in this 'fun' dog show. If you won a first prize rosette then come along to the Main Arena at 4pm and join in for free!