MIMSAFE UK joins All About Dogs as a GOLD sponsor in 2022


The All About Dogs Show are proud to announce that MIMsafe UK will be joining us as a Gold Sponsor at this year’s shows!

MIMsafe UK, the providers of dog crates for cars, are Gold Sponsors of the All About Dogs Show Newbury, Newark and Norfolk this year!

Here are a few words from our sponsor:

“MIMsafe vet-recommended crates are the safest crates available for dogs and human passengers.  They not only look great, but are comprehensively crash-tested, crushproof, and fully lockable, keeping your pets AND family safe in the event of an accident.

“Our Safe Pet Crate Test ensures that our crates are durable enough to withstand the force that occurs during a collision without opening or deforming in a way that endangers the pet inside the crate or the passengers in the vehicle.  Unlike other crate manufacturers, our tests are performed for three different scenarios: frontal collision, collision from behind, and rollover.

“Laura Oldbury-Churchwood and her two dachshunds were recently involved in a terrifying accident that completely destroyed their vehicle: ‘Without a doubt, my MIMsafe crate saved my dogs’ lives’.”


Come and see MIMsafe UK at this year’s All About Dogs Show at:

• Newbury Showground – 17th & 18th April 2022

• Newark Showground – 23rd & 24th April 2022

• Norfolk Showground – 28th & 29th August 2022 

For more information, visit


CLICK HERE to read how a MIMsafe UK crate saved the lives of two dogs in a horrific road traffic accident.