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Fun Dog Shows

This is what it's all about! For all dogs and their families. From Best Rescue and Cutest Pup to Waggiest Tail and Bad Hair Day. Every dog's a winner at All About Dogs.

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Parkour & Stunt Dog Academy

Organised by Dog Training for Essex & Suffolk come and let your dog have a go at the Parkour craze.

K9 Aqua Sports

K9 Aqua returns to this year's All About Dogs Show due to popular demand!

Come along and let your dog have a go and get super wet in this increasingly popular sport. Remember to bring your camera as you are sure to get some good shots of dogs flying through the air!

Obstacle Course

This year's obstacle course challenge is organised by the Notts & Yorkshire Boxer Rescue.... Challenge consists of: 1)Egg & Spoon race whilst weaving around poles 2)Sit & Stay for 10 seconds 3)Dog to kick a football into a goal 4)Give a paw 5)Get the owner and dog through a single hoop 6)Dog to lay down 7)Hurdles... And finish. The fastest times within each hour will win a prize. Fastest dog of the day wins a rosette.

Agility Course

Dog agility is a dog sport in which a handler directs a dog through an obstacle course in a race for both time and accuracy. Dogs run off leash with no food or toys as incentives, and the handler can touch neither dog nor obstacles.

Organised Essex Flyers Agility, the agility course is open to dogs of all ages and breeds.

Pugagility Course

This year we will have an agility course especially designed for Pugs. Run by the Muffin Pug Rescue take your pug around the fun agility course.


Organised by Solar Flyball Team, Flyball is a fun, fast sport for you and your dog (any breed, any size), as long as dogs are over 12 months old they can play flyball.

Bring your dog to visit the team and have a go at this increasingly popular dog sport.

Fastest Recall

Fastest recall is a test of speed. It's a high energy canine sport which requires your dog to chase a toy.... then come back on recall. Will your dog be the quickest of the day?

All proceeds of the Recall go to the German Shepherd Rescue Elite.

Training & Obedience Classes

Come along to the Have-a-Go ring to learn basic obedience including stays, heel work and recalls. Run by the Braintree & District Dog Training Association, the team will also be on hand to offer advice and training tips.


Join Dogology Training and learn new skills while enhancing your existing training in the fun Rally. Train using fun techniques and build those happy memories of sharing time with your dog.


Hoopers is a low impact sport that's great for all aged dogs even older retired dogs. The dogs run through hoops, go round barrels and run through tunnels.

Come and have-a-go with Val's Hoopers at our Hylands show in 2018.