All About Dogs Show 2022 influWOOFers announced


We’re very excited to share the All About Dogs Show infuWOOFers of 2022 who have a combined instagram following of over 750k (plus a huge TikTok following too!)

Make sure you head over to their Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Twitter pages for all of the latest news (and discounts on tickets) for this year’s All About Dogs Shows.

You may even get the chance to meet the influWOOFers at the shows for a cuddle, selfie or a hooman chat.

A few of our influWOOFers are pictured here, but you can find a full list with links to their accounts below:


louby_love: 43.4k followers
blueewillow: 37.5k followers
lolathemaltipoo_x: 35k followers
mrbeefy_bulldog: 30.3k followers
hekkigram: 20.5k followers
thesomersetsausage: 20.3k followers
smokey_shiloh_staffies: 11.9k followers
lolahthehusky2017: 9.5k followers
hectorthechocolabo: 9k followers
millie_and_max_doubletrouble: 7.8k followers
ourtrailoftails: 7.7k followers
chewkie_dood: 7.2k followers
roadiethejack: 6.8k followers
dapperdogozzy: 5.4k followers
pugcalled_bella: 5k followers
honey_the_cavapoodle: 4.9k followers
missdaisythecockapoo: 4.5k followers
buster_the_americanbulldog: 3.3k followers
buzz_the_pugg: 2.9k followers
ari.volpino: 2.5k followers


the_real_yorkshire_sausages: 31.1k followers
yogisuperpug: 20.9k followers
the_adventuresofmiloandwillow: 19.1k followers
hugoandhunter_: 18.9k followers
ambrosiusthespaniel: 14.2k (Instagram) / 485k (TikTok) followers
eddie_minidach: 7.2k followers
bertiethepatterdale: 5k followers
bringing.up.bambi: 3.9k followers
barney.the.bernedoodle: 2k followers


bluestaffy: 273k followers
afrenchienamed_bella: 24.7k followers
itswinniechow: 20.1k followers
hats_n_megs.dachshunds: 19.5k followers
theonlywayis_izzy: 18k followers
lunaticandbo: 13.4k followers
lunacockapoo: 11.7k followers
__the_life_of_lenny__: 9.6k followers
hectorthechocolabo: 9k followers
little_nellie_2019: 4.6k followers
astrid_the_collie: 4.6k followers
marleymoo2000: 4.6k followers
basilthepoodle_suffolk: 4.4k followers
cookiethepug.2021: 3.1k followers
loopi_lexi: 2.7k followers
nanaannasangels: 2.5k followers


emi_pug: 49k followers
afrenchienamed_bella: 29.6k followers
caiathewolfdog: 29.1k followers
pepper_oni: 25.8k followers
louie_toes_frenchie: 23.5k followers
hectorthechocolabo: 13.5k followers
_axelthecockapoo: 11.8k followers
iamwoodythecockapoo: 9.9k followers
teddy_cook_the_beagle: 9.8k followers
rusty_deal_the_irish_doodle: 8.2k followers
ruby_and_jasper_cavapoos: 8.1k followers
spudthespottydog: 7k followers
belladaisy_frenchies: 5k followers
basilthepoodle_suffolk: 4.8k followers
little_nellie_2019: 4.7k followers
monaandthemunchkins: 4.4 followers
lokiand0din: 3.1k followers
gucci_and_coco: 3.1k followers 2k followers
adventures_of_luna_and_peanut_: 1.8k followers