Arena Events

Main Arena Timetable 

Saturday (times may vary)                                          Sunday (times may vary):

11:00am   Hazelmutts Display Team                                 10:30am   Hazelmutts Display Team  
11:30am   Conquest K9 Display Team                               11:00am   Conquest K9 Display Team  
12:15am   PADS Dog Display Team                                   11:45am   Trip Hazard
12:45pm Active Paws Fitness Class                                   12:30pm PADS Dog Display Team
13:00pm  Nordic Walking with DogFit                              13:00pm  Nordic Walking with DogFit
13:15pm Junior Obedience Class                                       13:30pm  Active Paws Fitness Class
14:00pm Nordic Walking with DogFit                               14:00pm Trip Hazard
14:30pm  Conquest K9 Display Team                               14:30pm  Conquest K9 Display Team
15:15pm Hazelmutts Display Team                                   15:15pm Hazelmutts Display Team
16:00pm  Best in Show 2017                                               16:00pm  Best in Show 2017

Trip Hazard

Lucy Heath will be entertaining visitors with her 2016 Britain's Got Talent final act, Trip Hazard. Lucy will be performing in the Main Arena on Sunday with an exciting display of tricks and routines

Conquest K9 Display Team

Back due to popular demand, we are delighted to welcome back the Conquest K9 Display Team. Established to promote better dog handling and encourage owners to take their dogs to training classes, we look forward to a fast action packed display in the Main Arena.

Watermill Wolves Acting Team

The famous Watermill Wolves family have featured in tv series such as Penny Dreadful and Vikings, also magazines such as Vogue and Marie Claire, starring alongside a range of famous names including Timothy Dalton, Eva Green, Josh Hartnett, Kate Moss, Bill Bailey, Travis Fimmel and Bear Grylls. Not to mention numerous music videos and TV promotions including Game of Thrones.

Hazelmutt's Display Team

Sponsored by Natures Menu, the Hazelmutt's Display Team will be demonstrating how you can do competitive obedience with any dog in the Main Arena. The team will train and demonstrate the exercises in such a way which is fun for owners and more importantly, fun for dogs.

PADS Dog Display Team

A HUGE welcome back to the PADS Dog Display Team, who will entertaining audiences with their informative obedience displays in the Main Arena. The team are also hosting a series of Have-A-Go activities throughout the weekend

All About Dogs Best in Show 2017

Is your dog the Best of the Best? Winners from any of the classes throughout the weekend are welcome to participate in this 'fun' dog show.

If you won a first prize rosette then come along to the Main Arena at 4pm and join in for free.

Nordic Walking Classes

Join Janine Lewis from DogFit in the training arena, where you can learn how you can keep fit through Nordic Walking with your dog. Janine first discovered Nordic Walking back in 2009 and frequently participates in long distance events with her dog

Active Paws Fitness Exercises

Learn how to help your dog to become as fit as they can with the team from Active Paws Fitness. The team are specialists in dog behaviour and physiotherapy - their mission is to help owners improve their dogs physical and mental wellbeing.

Join the team throughout the weekend in their interactive classes.

Junior Obedience Classes

Saturday Only. Free to enter in the fun dog show arena. Fun obedience class for children - with rosette prices for the best.
Handlers Under 16: *Walk to heel *Recall *Sit *Down *1 minute stay *1 minute down *Retrieve Toy
Handlers Under 10: * Walk your dog * Call your dog * Sit * Down * Retrieve toy